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COVID-19 Global Pandemic – TAKE CARE NZ & BE SAFE NZ – Kia Kaha. The latest NEWS, STORIES & UPDATES can be found HERE

TESTING TIMES – As the world experiences one of the greatest economic shocks in modern history, we are faced with unprecedented times for all businesses . It is time to reflect and deliberate. Rest assured some of us will return bigger and better than before! Use this time well, so when you and your staff go back to work you are in a strong place. Spend quality time to focus on your business, the future & direction. We @ IMA wish you all the best in this fragile time.

Internet Marketing Auckland is run by two dedicated and passionate individuals (Paul & Rish). Both of us have experience running and managing many businesses and also mentoring others in various industry. Internet Marketing Auckland is not like other agencies where your marketing is handled by a number of different individuals. We get involved in your business so we can make relevant decisions and marketing strategies that always benefits your business. See for yourself, link to our Facebook page and see all our positive results in image / comment format, see the results for yourself!

FRUSTRATED? How long do simple things take to do. Not with us! NOT HAPPY with the lack of responses to your emails? Not with us! ANNOYED that your calls aren’t returned promptly, or worse, you have to chase your point of contact? Not with us!

Communication, quality and results is what we commit to, however this has to be a two way relationship. Communication and transparency with figures and metrics are a must with any business that seeks our professional services. Every client is looked after personally and we believe the more information we have the better we can market and look after your business. This is why we only work with a handful of clients at any one time to ensure we don’t dilute the quality of our work.

LEARN MORE? Check out our short video to the right, enjoy.

Why US, we hear you ask? Well its very simple, we work harder than most (as many will confirm), but more importantly, where many of our competition specialise, we dont! We dont just build website (well), we dont just do Adwords (that works), not just quality SEO (front & back end), but we focus on all the powerful platforms that work for you and your business too. Some of these would include Google My Business, Facebook, directories, backlinks, Youtube and even our own, very powerful blog, that ranks for company names & even key search phrases, show us one other company doing this, we challenge youthats why we believe we are SO different than the others!

Last but not least, in this competitive market relating to digital agency work, please search Google for – Internet Marketing Auckland (3 results on P1, the only company with multiple pages, excluding Adwords) and also Online Marketing Auckland too.

If you are passionate and serious about growing and transforming your business get in touch with us today, invest both time and money for a stronger presence and increased sales / leads.


Any online marketing strategy needs a well designed and developed website that is both purposeful and appealing to your audience. Read MoreA website is a digital billboard and is usually a customers first port of call regardless of what industry you are in. So whether you are looking at getting a new website, a redesign or to add more features (Booking Systems, Online Chat, Online Store) we can do it all.


The whole point in investing in a website is to be noticed. Unlike other marketing agencies we do things differently and we really do mean that. Read MoreWe look between the lines and see where your competitors are lacking in their marketing campaigns and strategies and use that to our advantage. We use a range of SEO Optimisation, Google Adwords, and Public Relations to get you to the top for search phrases and services related to your business.


The business landscape has changed drastically over the past 20 years. Traditional methods of communication, marketing, and branding are becoming obsolete and it can be quite tricky keeping up with new trends. Read MoreAt IMA we help and provide you with advise, tools and support so you can make the right decisions. We enjoy working with our clients and seeing their business and profits grow, and in return our clients love having someone take an outside perspective on their business. Collaboration = Creation.


Attention to detail is extremely important to us. If you are investing in us then we believe you deserve our highest level of communication and support. When you contact us we reply promptly and action what we can as soon as possible. Read MoreIt’s not about turning over numbers with us, we genuinely want to work with focused and driven businesses that have clear goals of what they want to achieve. However for us to work efficiently and get the results you need we need your time and commitment to respond to us quickly and provide us with what we need. Remember we gauge our success based on your success.


We get it your good at what you do so why not let us handle what we do best. Our managed website and marketing services means that we work actively on your online presence and help your business always remain on the forefront of latest marketing strategies. Read MoreWe do this by maintaining your website (Adding features/page updates/change you request), and analyzing your marketing campaigns to see how we can keep perfecting them.


Looking to adopt new software for the business? Having issues with your emails/computers? Need someone to setup your devices? Here at Internet Marketing Auckland we try to look after you where we can. Read MoreWe know the importance of having everything running smoothly and efficiently therefore it is crucial to get the right advice and help when it comes to technology.

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Success is a two way street and it is key to the success of our clients. We love to work with passionate and driven people who are proactive. So if you are ready to take your business to the next level fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.




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