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Best Business Directory NZ – Our New Zealand Business Directory is one of the most powerful directories in New Zealand. Unlike other business directories your listing ranks on Google. We believe the power of Google is bigger than a directory itself, so for your listing to show on Google is worth more than gold. Our directories offer you the opportunity to list as your business name or search phrase. Best Business Directory NZ

What makes our directory better?

Rank for your Business Name on Google

Does your business not have a strong internet presence? Well a directory with us will sort that out. Typically a business will only have one link (listing) on Google if someone were to type in their business. This more often than not will be your business’s website. However underneath all that will be your competitors and you don’t want potential customers clicking on them. The more listings you have on Google & the internet the more traffic and potential customers you will get to your business. It is a cheap and effective way of gaining exposure. We challenge you to do the IMA test (search Google) – many of our pages for our clients rank higher than No Cowboys and Trademe Services, impressed? You should be and our backlinks offer a true follow value, unlike the aforementioned which offer a no-follow value! We are on your side 100%

Taggs-R-Us est 2006 has so many directory listings and pages on Google, another committed business to investing on the internet and our IMA directory blog is on P1 – do the IMA test!

Rank for a service or product or search phrase

Many customers search the internet based on the product they are looking for. For example “Roof Treatment North Shore” or “CCTV Installers Warkworth”. Our directory helps you rank and get on Google for your product or service so that you can connect more with potential customers who are seeking your product or service. A search phrase related directory listing is different from a business name directory listing.

IMA Test (search Google) – Best Real Estate Agent North Shore, what can you see from Googles result? What value would you put on a phrase like that? We also see the stats for this page every month from Google Console which we recently sent to our client, he was very impressed.

Page designed to your liking

Every other directory listing website follows the same boring format for all businesses (take a look yourself). This is no way to promote your business and attract customers. The first 5 seconds are crucial when a potential customer clicks on your listing and if they aren’t hooked or engaged straight away they will close the window. This is why we have tailored templates for different industries that will be sure to impress your customers. We can even customise a page completely to your requirements.

Contact us today and ask about our 3 month introduction offer. We work with our clients and support their business in so many different ways, driving results and increasing sales & turnover, while providing exceptional value for money. Is this what you want?

AFFORDABLE PRICES (best value packages)

Business Directory Listings – $99 + GST for 6 months (min 12 months). First Year Special deal & No Set-Up Fee for STANDARD/BASIC design lay-out. Superior / Upgraded profiles with coding and styling will attract a set-up fee as we believe one size does not fit all, we are NOT like every directory on the market, we are unique.

Search Phrase Directory Listing – First 3 month intro offer @ $50 set-Up and then $100 pcm for the first 3 months and then depending on results and traffic will then depend on the monthly charge for the next 6 months. Final phase will be a 12 month agreement (renewable)

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