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Online Marketing New Zealand. Here at Internet Marketing Auckland we helps businesses reach new goals and customers via digital platforms and solutions. The whole point in investing in a website is to be noticed. Unlike other marketing agencies we do things differently and we really do mean that. We look between the lines and see where your competitors are lacking in their marketing campaigns and strategies and use that to our advantage. We use a range of SEO Optimisation, Google Adwords, and Public Relations to get you to the top for search phrases and services related to your business.

What we do

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is all about being visible on search engines for key phrases. Take our business for example; If you type in Internet Marketing Auckland we have three of our online presence pages show up first. SEO takes a lot of work and research however we have proven this for many of our clients.

Adwords PPC Campaigns

Adwords are an easy way to target broad and specific customers within an area. Adwords can be timed and scheduled for your preference and ad type as well as enhanced with extra features such as call to and landing page linking. Adwords are essential to any business as they are prioritised over the normal search results so customers see the ads first. The best part is when you get busy you can pause you campaigns and control your workflow. We have had a number of clients in the services industry do this as they have had a influx of business and were able to stay on top of things by pausing campaigns and resuming it again once they got back on track.

Web Design & Landing Pages

Here at Internet Marketing Auckland we create some stunning websites. We have a natural artistic flare that combines design and technology to bring together a functional and aesthetic website that relates to your business and customers. We also design landing pages specific for marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Did you know the average person spends over an hour each day on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business….you name it, it’s a digital playground. We love our social media marketing, but our preferred platform in Facebook

All these social media platforms offer a way to communicate and promote your products/services to its users via free posting methods and paid ad campaigns. It’s the perfect way to target your audience and build a following. Remember once a customer follows or likes your page they have subscribed to your posts and you have retained that customer forever.

Why am I struggling to get new customers and grow my business?

The reality is bigger businesses have dedicated marketing teams that constantly analyse new trends, statistics and consumer search habits. Design elements, texts, colours and phrasing all play a key role in the perception and conversion to customers. Every business needs to invest in marketing otherwise you risk losing market share. In order to operate a successful business you should always be allocating 5% of your monthly revenue to a marketing budget. When you are looking to grow or start up this figure should be 10%.

Remember we only take on a handful of clients as we believe in giving our clients the same level of attention and dedication as if we are part of your business.
So get in touch with us so we can help you invest back in your business.

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