COVID Face Masks NZ
COVID Face Mask NZ

COVID safety masks NZ

Safety should always take precedence when it comes to your health. At some point in our lives, we all have used this quote – “precaution is better than cure.” But do we really live by these words? Before the advent of COVID-19, safety masks were like an artefact that only doctors used. But the current pandemic has opened the eyes of every person on the planet. Being petrified by the thought of catching the virus, the world has embraced the use of face masks in daily routines.

It is important to understand that a face mask is an integral part of the fight against COVID-19. Using sanitizers, washing hands, or practising social distancing is useless without the use of safety masks.

Even the World Health Organisation(WHO) is considering the fact that COVID-19 may be airborne which means that wearing a face mask just got extremely important. In essence, Coronavirus being airborne means that if an infected person is coughing or sneezing, the infection can spread to other people. On the other hand, if the person is not infected, he may come in contact with a contaminated surface and then touches his mouth or nose, getting infected eventually. This also lays stress on the fact that COVID symptoms may take a considerable number of days to show up

Therefore, even if there are no symptoms, it doesn’t mean a person is not infected which is why wearing a suitable face mask should be at the top of your list when you go out. This is where we need to burst a few bubbles too. Firstly, N95 masks are not essential. These respirators should only be used in certain medical situations. Second, from the other options available in the market, surgical masks are lighter than cloth masks and more comfortable to wear. However, cloth masks are equally effective. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which mask you choose as long as your nose and mouth are covered completely.

If you consider the effects of wearing a face mask on the possibility of transmission, getting a safety mask for you and your family will probably be the next thing you do after reading this blog. It has been found that without a mask, the chances of transmission are 17% while with a mask, the chances of transmission drop to a whopping 3%.

If escaping the grasp of COVID-19 is not enough reason for you to wear a safety mask, you can consider the fact that these masks also protect you from the worsened air quality. The fine particles(less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter) present in the air enter your respiratory system and takes a great toll on your health. This can be easily avoided by using a safety mask.

Coming back to the current pandemic, research has shown that even if 80% of the people were wearing masks, the spread of COVID-19 could be restricted even more effectively than a complete lockdown. Therefore, we all need to play a part in the fight against this pandemic and incorporate the use of safety masks in our lives.

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