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Google Adwords responds to Covid 19 and offers businesses support in the form of an account credit. Is this something that you have recently received from online, advertising giant? See a copy of the email below. Google Adwords is a necessity in our opinion if any business is to successfully stand out in the competitive world of online, digital marketing. A range of advertising campaigns are available, the standard SEARCH CAMPAIGN and then the SMART CAMPAIGN, but in the past it used to be known as Google Express Ads. Google will invest $340 million dollars (US) NZ$521 into SMB’s (small to medium-sized businesses) around the world – READ ARTICLE here

Google Ads covid 19 credit

At Internet Marketing Auckland we think this is a positive step to support businesses but feel the gesture is a little small. When you consider one of out customers has spent $170,000 and has been gifted $400 to help his business. When you compare the figures this amount really doesnt offer significant stimulus or support. What does it cost Google to support businesses that have lined their pockets in years? Lets be honest, not a lot! We believe it should be a small percentage of the total spend, that would be a great gesture and appropriate to ALL its clients. My point is, one customer gets $400 after spending $18,000 which is the same as the customer spending $170,000

I guess the bigger picture here is many businesses will fail in 2020 and 2021 but Google should identify the businesses that have supported them. In turn they should do all with in their powers to contribute to that business survival by offering appropriate, valued credits. This is business and good business is all about the bigger picture. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments field. Thanks for reading this article and all the team @ IMA wish you and your business success in the future.

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