Are you considering Google Adwords to advertise your business? Claim your Google Adwords discount voucher NZ today. Use the link provided and claim $100 of FREE start-up money to invest on promoting you business. Multiple campaign options from a simple SMART campaign to a more complicated SEARCH campaign. Do you have a company video, if you do you can also consider YouTube advertising. Advertise directly on Google or work with a related partner. Look to work in you local area or target a town, city or the country. Adverts can be set-up with a time schedule including or excluding weekends. Google Adwords offers flexibility and you will find that your main competition will be using this platform.

Google Adwords Discount Voucher NZ
Google Adwords Discount Voucher NZ 2

Have you got a quality Google My Business profile? The old Google Express adverts, as pictured below have been upgraded to the new SMART campaigns. These are rather easy and simple to set up but you do have to be vert careful with the KEYWORDS ……. check all new campaigns and TURN OFF any non appropriate phrases ESPECIALLY your company name!! We often see many businesses with a Google Adword campaign for their business name, is this you and are you wasting $?

Need help? Need some advice? Need someone to check your adverts? Give us a call or email us today! Link to Google Adwords Discount Voucher NZ here $100

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