Our Team

Our Team

Internet Marketing Auckland consists of a small team of specialists and professionals. We take each project on a case by case basis, which means you get our full support and dedication when it comes to growing your business. There is no blanket approach to online marketing. To execute any strategy well we need to do our research and become a part of your business, your products/services and processes.


PAUL – I have over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, international business, and in management and business ownership, including contracting & customer service. Living in NZ since 2002 where I started a DMC (destination management company) focusing on inbound groups to NZ. After the outbreak of war (2003), terrorism (Bali bomb 2002), sars (2002) and bird flu (2004) I started a business selling luggage tags to NZ and exporting overseas. Later expanding to wristband products including Tyvek (event/security) and became NZ’s #1 most reviewed Google business. During the journey, heavy investment was made on the internet and NZs #1 seo company was employed to support the business. This was where my digital marketing journey started, investing in Adwords, Finda and online yellow pages. Now I support others with proven results driven formulas that increases online presence resulting in new leads, new customers and increased sales.


RISH – Starting my first business at the age of 16 in the tech industry, I have a deep passion for helping, mentoring and growing others ideas. My background is a systems engineer and network technician with a bachelors business degree from the University of Auckland. Whilst doing my studies at uni I was approach by Microsoft & Google to work for them as part of their software team, however as I had many ideas I wanted to explore I passed on the opportunity. Since a young age I have been tinkering with technology from building circuit boards, to software development and web design. I currently hold a Ministry of Justice security clearance and consult/project manage many tech projects.


Driven to succeed and achieve at the highest level of all he does, Louie has shown proficiency in a number of different industries. Customer satisfaction, quality of service and a desire to develop and maintain a solid reputation have all been born from his career in real estate and playing football at a high level. An entrepreneur in many respects, Louie commits to learning everything possible about each of his passions and strives to gather as much information as he can to ensure his clients and customers feel secure in his care. Still in the early stages of developing his own businesses and learning daily, he commits himself to providing quality so that his reputation builds. Louie’s desire to spread his wings and learn in different industries has been shown through his determination to make any and all opportunities work that are presented to him in real estate, website development and other forms of business.


ELLA – A recent Bachelor of Arts graduate from AUT. I majored in Event Management, and minored in Business Management and Marketing. In my previous role I was head of customer experience which led to many different roles and responsibilities within the company. Specifically, I specialised in Event coordination, marketing and SEO Analysis. Another one of my key responsibilities was social media marketing, focused mainly on Instagram and Facebook.

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