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Search Engine Optimisation SEO is all about being visible on search engines when people search a particular phrase. As we say to all our customers, its one thing having a great looking website that has some stunning coding, but if you want results then SEO (search engine optimisation) has to accompany the front-end, visual perspective. SEO comes in a range of text, including meta tags and paraphrasing, all undertaken behind the scenes. Believe us when we say we do our research and ensure that the correct and most relevant phrases are used to connect peoples search terms to your website. It’s an art and it’s what we do best. Contact us and see for yourself how we’re growing businesses through our SEO secrets.


Take our business for example; If you type in Internet Marketing Auckland we have three of our online presence pages show up first. SEO takes a lot of work and research however we have proven this for many of our clients. (E.g. type in Hair Dressers Browns Bay on Google) and our client dominates the first page without any paid ads.



Success is a two way street and it is key to the success of our clients. We love to work with passionate and driven people who are proactive. So if you are ready to take your business to the next level fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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