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Ever since the last century, the population of New Zealand has shown a constant surge towards a more aged society. On its official website, the New Zealand health department presents a graph representing the predicted increase in the elderly population in 4 decades. While the elderly population is increasing, the need for better health services has also escalated in New Zealand. In another graph showing the percentage of the population from different age groups

that visited a General Practitioner in the past 12 months, we can see that almost all the elderly people need medical facilities.

But no matter how good the health facilities are, they don’t improve the way of living for the elderly. They face numerous problems and after a lifetime spent at work, they deserve a better life.

Therefore, retirement homes have become a necessity in the country. For the “active retiree”, these readymade homes provide a suitable society with all the required facilities. Due to the excessive need for such homes, retirement villages is a burgeoning business. With over 348 registered villages, the last decade has seen extraordinary growth in retirement villages. Companies like Bupa Care, Metlifecare, Oceania Group, Ryman Healthcare, and the Summerset Group, are some of the top operators in this domain and constitute almost 50% of the market.

These facilities generally offer a license to buy wherein a person pays a fee to live in a unit of the retirement village but has no ownership rights. Apart from this, a weekly fee is also required to cover the operation costs of the village.

These homes aim to provide a new way of living for the Kiwis. The inclination of businesses towards this domain is because they realize that the 65+ population is going to grow even further and they deserve a better future. The Retirement Villages Act of 2003 is another witness to the active involvement of the government of New Zealand in the well being of its senior citizens, along with several other reforms.

By taking care of the activities like repairs, maintenance, security, or the need of looking after a big house on their own, these retirement homes provide a safe atmosphere and a community.  In a research on age concern, it is found that almost half of the elderly in New Zealand feel some level of loneliness while 8-9% of older New Zealanders feel lonely all the time. Hence, the community in these villages provide the most priceless facility – companionship.

As every coin has two sides, retirement homes have their disadvantages when it comes to the monetary aspect. With costly buyouts, weekly fees, and no ownership rights to the property, the elderly lose a large chunk of their money. However, the extensive facilities provided by these retirement homes like gym, golf courts, swimming pools, services, care, infrastructure, and above all a community to be a part of, make a retirement home the optimum choice for the elderly for spending the rest of their lives.

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