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So you’ve put down some serious cash on a shiny new BMW? Nice. Unfortunately, like
many things in this life, consistency is not always guaranteed. That is why it is important to
be educated on what your options are if you need to buy some new parts for your car.
You have a couple of basic options. OEM parts are original manufacturer parts, essentially
meaning they are completely brand new straight from the factory. These can be easily
purchased from any BMW dealership throughout New Zealand. This of course means the
highest quality and reliability when it comes to automobile maintenance, but can be a hard
sell for those living slightly more frugally. If that sounds like you, then luckily that’s not your
only option. Used and second hand BMW parts are still a very viable option and are far less
expensive than original manufacturer parts. If you are going this route, however, it’s advised
to stick to retailers as opposed to crowd-sourced market sites such as trade me due to a
warranty usually coming with the part when using a conventional retailer. This means you’re
covered if something goes wrong and you won’t have to start back at square one.

If the second-hand option sounds all but too risky for you, never fear! OEM parts can also
be imported from countries such as Scandinavia for just a fraction of the price. Essentially
this means you’re getting the best of both worlds, a relatively low price point with the almost
guaranteed reliability that comes with an OEM part.
I’m sorry to make this more complicated for you dear reader, but not all New Zealand
garages will fit OEM parts as they want to profit from the purchase and resale of used parts

So in conclusion, there is a wide range of options when it comes to the purchase of OEM or
used BMW parts, and all options are appealing depending on what you prioritize. If you
want the best of the best OEM parts are always a go, however importing parts takes some
time so if you are poor on time and have the extra cash, purchasing them from a BMW
dealership is most definitely a viable option. However, this is most likely not the route for
you if you value maximum convenience, due to some garages in New Zealand not fitting
OEM parts, potentially causing you some major hassle. If you are looking for the cheapest
most convenient but also potentially least reliable route, used parts are easily the way to go.
Garages should fit them, and they are the cheapest option making it a very contestable
alternative. So overall, take into consideration all these variables when on the hunt for some
new parts, make the decision that best fits you, hopefully, whichever you choose will leave
you fully satisfied.

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My name is Paul and I have owned my BMW E60 M5 V10 for 9 years and I have used all the above options.

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