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Internet Marketing Auckland boasts a stunning Website Design & Development portfolio. We are experts in website design when it comes to analyzing your business and showcasing it on a digital platform. Our websites are custom built to your requirements and content can be easily changed via a content management system. We design all types of websites / web apps from simple websites, large corporate websites to online eCommerce stores.

Our prices are tailored to suit you and your budget and we always ensure our work is of highest quality as this is a reflection on our portfolio. Talk to us today on how we can transform your business with a stunning unique website.


Looking to build a new website or transform an existing website. We create high performing, google ranked website that look visually stunning and functional.


In order for your Google to rank your website high it needs to match their strict criteria. We have this nailed which is evident on all our websites we make that rank on the first page of Google.


A content management system allows easy access to your website content system. You can add, change, delete pages, content, products and more without spending big $ on web developers to do it.


E-Commerce is a big deal. We have created some big online stores for large clients as well as a boutique online stores for small businesses. Sell online and accepts payments 24/7 with IMA Ecommerce. Ecommerce Specialists.


Did you know that majority of websites are not SSL secured. As of 2019 Google now deranks websites that do not have a SSL certificate installed as it is means that your website does not securely store and protect information, leaving it vulnerable to hackers and malicious attacks. Read MoreNot having a SSL secured website means that most modern browsers will give people the message “This website may be used for malicious intent and is not secure”, which is not a good look for your organisation. Here at Internet Marketing Auckland we believe having a secured website is a no brainer and should be standard. Which is why we offer this addon 100% free compared to other agencies charging hundreds of dollars for this service. 


A good website needs to look good on all devices. Almost every device in this age can access the internet nowadays so that means making sure the website is optimised for Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, iPads, Smart TVs, Digital Billboards and more! Read MoreWe make sure that with everything website we build that is is compatible with all these devices to ensure the best possible viewing experience for any user on any device.


As a customer of ours you deserve to have requests and amendments done in timely manner. Efficiency is key to running a business which is why we offer on-going maintenance and support to our customers when they need it. Whether it is changing content, adding a new page, adding a new feature we will do it all.


Success is a two way street and it is key to the success of our clients. We love to work with passionate and driven people who are proactive. So if you are ready to take your business to the next level fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Click the above icons to initiate an instant chat with us. We like to make things just that little bit easier. For WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype you will need the app downloaded.

Getting Started

Contact us

Call or contact us to discuss your project requirements, budgets and needs.

Proposal Emailed

With the information you have given us we will send you a short proposal detailing what you will get, timeline of project and the costs involved.

Confirmation of Proposal

Once you have confirmed our proposal we will send you a establishment invoice. We will keep you updated regularly with screenshots and live website demos so you can make changes, suggestions and amendments as we work.
Stage 1 (Styling & Layout)

Request for Branding Information

The first cycle in development is the styling and layout. This is the backbone of the website and will be resonated throughout all the pages. Submit us all relevant logos, branding files and company colour themes/schemes so we can adopt this on to the site.


Our team will be hard at work making sure everything works together visually. A good website is about having fonts, colours and shapes all working harmoniously to give the end user the best experience possible. Colours, shapes and fonts when done right can have subtle influences on a customers perception and when done can convert them into a customer.

Iterations & Amendments

At this stage we give you the opportunity to make so more changes or suggestions to the look and feel of the website. We will implement these changes/suggestions before moving to the next stage of development.
Stage 2 (Features & Functionalities)

Request for information

Features are functionalities are the special plugins/addons that allow your end user to do more. These include Booking Systems, Live Chat, Shared Calendar, Listings Management, Online Store, Payment Portals and more. The options are endless when it comes to adding additional services to your website. (Second Payment Installment is Due)

Testing & Compatability

We believe in doing things right the first time so we will constantly test the site to make sure all flows are working as smoothly as possible. This ensures that each feature and functionality is working as it should without any complications.
Stage 3 (Content & Sign Off)

Request for Content

By this stage you would have had enough time to create some text and images to go on each page. We will add these to all the pages and style it right so it looks attractive. (3rd Payment Installment is Due)

Final Changes & Amendments

Now that all the information is up we can finally see the website come together. Here is where you will be able to make final changes/amendments and suggestions before we launch the site.
Project Completed